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So many of you took part in my Sport Fresh Balance tampon giveaway, that just ended yesterday, I thought I’d share with you another favourite tampon of mine. I’ve been using o.b. tampons for years, it was the first tampon to hit the market without the use of an applicator, and couldn’t be easier to use. I’m hosting an o.b. Tampon Give Us One Period Giveaway to give 50 of my followers the chance to experience o.b., with a box of their very own.

o.b. tampons might be some of the easiest tampons to insert, thanks to its fingertip insertion that allows you to follow the natural curve of your vagina to place the tampon exactly where it feels best for your body. Like all tampons, it does take some time to get used to, but after a few test runs, it will become like second nature. Always start with the lower level of absorbency (which comes in Regular, Super, Super Plus and Ultra) and work your way up to more protection, if needed. It features a little pocket at the base of the tampon to help protect your finger as you insert it and there’s no messy applicator to deal with afterwards. It’s so small, it’s the perfect tampon to carry in your purse, clutch, heck even your pocket on the way to the washroom. Its unique FluidLock® design helps prevent leaks, so there’s no need to use a pantyliner with it. Make sure to change your tampon at least every 8 hours. o.b. tampons, o.b.

Like I said earlier, o.b. tampons are some of my favourites. I love how discreet it is, love that I have total control over it without a messy applicator and how comfortable it feels once inserted. It’s like I don’t even have anything inserted and I sometimes forget I’m even on my period. Also love the fact I can wear all the clothes I want and not have to worry about it leaking.

Since o.b started 50 years ago, with German gynecologist Dr. Judith Esser’s personal quest for a smarter tampon that was easier to use, more comfortable and offers great protection, I’ll be hosting an o.b. Tampon Give Us One Period Giveaway to win 1 of 50 boxes.

Also make sure to follow o.b. on their new Twitter account @ob_Canada and interact with them to win a ton of cool prizes, giveaways and promos using the hashtag #GiveUsOnePeriod. This giveaway is open to Canadians only.

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  1. Total tampon girl all the way!!

  2. Tampons for me!

  3. Pads & Tampons

  4. tampons

  5. Tampons!

  6. tampons for sure

  7. Tampons!

    RAFFLECOPTER NAME is Anne Taylor

  8. Pads, but tampons at the beach.

  9. Tampons

  10. I use both; it depends on the situation.

  11. use both

  12. I use both depending on what I’m doing!

  13. I use both…Love O.B.

  14. Tampons

  15. Tampons

  16. Well. both!! I use pads more. my daughters, all 4.. prefer tampons

  17. Tampons!

  18. Tampons

  19. Both.

  20. I use a combination of both.

  21. tampons

  22. Always tampons and actually always OB!

  23. Tampons

  24. Both

  25. I use both pads and tampons, depending on the day.

  26. More often than not I go for pads.

    – Amber

  27. tampons all the way (rafflecopter marie catherine)

  28. Pads

  29. I like both.

  30. both

  31. I use both depending on the flow.

  32. tampons for me

  33. Thank you!! :)

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