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No matter what time of the month, you’ll be able to do the things you love with no limitations thanks to the new Playtex Sport Fresh Balance tampons. There is no need to avoid the beach or pool when you’re on your period, swimming is perfectly safe and achievable when using a tampon. This is definitely the best option for enjoying all the outdoor activities you love, in your cute bikinis, white shorts or form fitting bottoms, without running the risk of leakage. With the new Playtex Sport Fresh Balance tampons, you’ll be 100% protected. I love using tampons as it gives me the freedom to do whatever I like, even when I’m on my period, and not having to worry if my pad liner is showing. When using a tampon make sure you use the correct tampon for your flow cycle, make sure to change it at least every 8 hours, both day and night, and stay relaxed when inserting. Don’t worry if you didn’t get it right the first time, it takes practice, but after a few times, it will become second nature. The great thing about the new Playtex Sport Fresh Balance tampons is that they feature a patented OdorShield technology that helps neutralize odours with a light fragrance. It helps to give scent-conscious consumers the reassurance they need to feel confident in everything they do.

And the winner of the Playtex Sport Fresh Balance Prize Pack, valued at over $150 is…………. Cheryl MacPhail. Playtex Sport Fresh Balance Giveaway includes a TIMEX Sports Watch, Orange Water Bottle, Pink Headband, Pink Sports Bag, Box of Playtex Sport Fresh Balance tampons and Sport Socks.Playtex Sport Fresh Balance

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  1. Tampons – no contest there!

  2. Tampons and pads sometimes too

  3. Tampons for sure!!

  4. Pads.

  5. Mostly Tampons!

    RAFFLECOPTER NAME is Anne Taylor

  6. Both…

  7. Tampons mostly.. but liners as well.

  8. Pads for me

  9. I normally use pads, but I’d like to try tampons – and this will be a perfect opportunity to do so!

  10. Tampons

  11. both

  12. Totally Tampons :)

  13. both

  14. I switch between both.

  15. both

  16. both

  17. Both but prefer pads

  18. i use both

  19. tampons

  20. tampons

  21. both

  22. Tampons!

  23. Total tampon girl.

  24. Both!

  25. Pad girl here…tampons only for swimming/beach

  26. Tampons

  27. pads

  28. tampons

  29. Pads

  30. Tampons most of the time

  31. Both – all depends what I am doing.

  32. Both! Pads for at home and tampons for on the go.

  33. tampons

  34. I use tampons

  35. Pads, tampons at the beach

  36. Tampons

  37. tampons

  38. tampons

  39. Tampons

  40. Whatever’s on sale.

  41. Pads
    Florence C

  42. Pads.

  43. Tampons

  44. Usually Tampons!

  45. pads

  46. Both!

  47. Pads

  48. Pads

  49. Tampons for me

  50. tampons

  51. Tampons

  52. tampons –

    i do have pads on hand for sleeping though

  53. pads.

  54. tampons

  55. Pads

  56. I choose pads! Thanks for the chance!

  57. pads

  58. Tampons

  59. Pads

  60. used to be pads but last few years, tampons all the way!

  61. Both

  62. Only Tampons

  63. both

  64. Tampons!

  65. both

  66. Tampons!

  67. Tampons.

  68. Both

  69. Tampons.

  70. both

  71. Both

  72. Both

  73. both :)

  74. both

  75. hmm past that stage but guess Tampons – better than depends. *chuckle*

    Eva Mitton-Urban

  76. Def tampons over here

  77. I actually use a menstrual cup, but when I don’t have that I use tampons.

  78. Tampons for when I’m out and about and pads when I’m lounging at home.

  79. I actually use both especially when my flow is heavy

  80. Tampons during day pad at night

  81. Yahoo!!!! Thanks so much!! :D

  82. yahoo- super excited for you!

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