September 18th, 2013- Varsity Jacket

September 18th, 2013- Varsity Jacket

September 18th, 2013- Varsity Jacket

I’ve always wanted a varsity jacket, ever since I first saw the movie Grease and feel in love with the Pink Ladies. I wish I went to a high school where it was “cool” to wear your school logos on your clothing, like they do in the US. The hottest trend right now in Fall outerwear is Varsity jackets, so when I saw this H&M Letterman jacket, I knew I had to have it for this season. No need to go back in time to High School, we now all can pretend we’re star athletes.

Did you wear one back in the day or will you just be buying a “faux” one from stores like H&M, Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters? I think there’s so many unique ways to wear it this Fall and in unexpected ways, like with a skirt and tights, maybe overtop of a dress or with colored jeans, I believe its going to replace the denim jacket this year, are you on board?

Shirt- Smart Set- $18- Nov 2012
Varsity Jacket- H&M- $59- in stores now
Handbag- Phillip Lim for Target- $55- in stores now
Jeans- American Eagle– $59- December 2012
Shoes- Target- $30 – April 201318 (2) 18 (6) 18 (1) 18 (4) 18 (1) 18 (7) 18 (5)



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