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No way it’s already August, this summer is flying by. My friends at Shoppers are still giving expert advice with their new digital platform to make sure the rest of your summer is just as perfect as the start. This Summer Only at Shoppers program was the first of its kind from the company and featured several Canadian bloggers chatting all things beauty. I wrote two articles that you may remember reading here, on tips, tricks and emergency essentials on how to be the best bridesmaid this summer along with styling tips for short hair.

Make sure you read the rest of the articles on how to live a healthier life, feel rejuvenated, look and feel beautiful and be more organized this summer. You’ll also find quizzes, polls, videos, coupons and so much more.

And the winner of the $50 Shoppers Drug Mart Giveaway is……… Julie Dyer

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  1. it would be sunscreen

  2. Snacks/soda/freezies.. decently priced always!

  3. I love buying Essie polish from Shoppers. I want my toes to look pretty while I’m wearing my sandals.

  4. I like buying new lip glosses

  5. suntan lotion!

  6. Makeup and nail polish!

  7. Make-up … all the time!

  8. snacks!

  9. Definitely ice cream – they always have awesome sales. Oh – and eggs too because they have great $1.99 sales! Oh and cottage cheese for the same reason (I think I spent too much time at SDM!*L*)

  10. Gumballs! I’m kinda addicted.

  11. Lip balms and lotions!

  12. I always go to Shoppers for road trip snacks.

  13. I love the Aveeno sunscreen.

  14. I like to buy snacks and cards for Birthday parties

  15. Love going to Shoppers for some delicious Orville Redenbacher’s White Cheddar Chipotle Popcorn. So good! And perfect for those lazy summer movie nights.

  16. Suntan lotions and lip gross.
    Florence C

  17. Shoppers is my go to place for pretty much everything! Favorite thing is cosmetics! Cheers:)

  18. Lip Balm and Sunscreen!

    RAFFLECOPTER NAME is Anne Taylor

  19. sunscreen!

  20. sunscreen

  21. suncreen

  22. Bronzing powder

  23. My fave thing to purchase at Shoppers in the Summer is sunscreen. I’m pasty and burn easily so I buy a lot.

  24. I love all the Life Brand products! But in the summer I often get snacks for road trips from Shoppers!

  25. I like to buy sunscreen during the summer from shoppers.

  26. My favorite thing to buy from Shoppers in the summer is a new summer fragrance!!

  27. Ice cream and sunscreen.

  28. New lipstick in a bright shade.

  29. My favourite thing to buy is snacks from Shoppers

  30. I bought bubbles, chocolate, sunblock, chalk, and cosmetics. :D

  31. waterproof mascara

  32. nail polish!

  33. I love to buy my summer nail polish shades also LIFE brand kids sunscreen

  34. nail polish

  35. My favourite summer buy at shopper’s is sunscreen. They’re the only ones in my area that carry a sensitive skin formula that actually works for my sensitive skin

  36. When I pop in, I usually end up picking up at least one new piece of makeup.

  37. I get my sunscreen at Shopper’s and love to check out the nail polish and lip gloss!

  38. Nail polish & liquid eye liner are usually what I stop in for :)

  39. In the summer it usually ends up being bug repellent or sunscreen from shopper’s. :)

  40. I buy my neutrogena 30spf sunscreen from Shoppers

  41. I always like to buy my skin moisturizer at shopper and deodorant! ;)

  42. I love going their beauty aisles and hunting for snackings!

  43. love taking a walk to shoppers to get some ice cream

  44. Funny candies

  45. PIzza!

  46. I love buying new nail polish in the summer time all the new pretty colors!

  47. Fun nail polishes!

  48. Nail polish for my toes!

  49. Lip balm and nail polish

  50. In the summer we go through alot of sunscreen and razors and they have good deals on ice cream bars too

  51. Bubble bath!

  52. I love buying a variety of their lotions.

  53. Ice cream

  54. sunscreen

  55. nailpolish and snacks!

  56. Sunscreen and tinted moisturizer!

  57. I always buy sunscreen and lip glosses!!! Perfect for my beach bag!

  58. Sunscreen and lip balm!

  59. sunscreen & bug spray are my go tos

  60. Sunscreen and summer treats

  61. I love buying ice cream treats from Shoppers in the summer

  62. sunscreen and lip balm esp in summertime

  63. Im addicted to Chapstick and Shoppers is always open for me!

  64. Sunscreen!

  65. Sunscreen and lotion

  66. sunscreen

  67. Doritos

  68. Their vitamin E lotion.

  69. My favourite thing to buy from Shoppers in the summer is bug spray and sun screen… and nail polish so I can have pretty toes!

  70. I have no favorite summer item but I utilize their points program like crazy (and will go shopping tomorrow and get 4000 points for just buying $20 in food!!)

  71. Sun block and bug spray !

  72. Right now Shopper’s is carrying so many new gluten free items, that i enjoy going to pick up a few summer snacks.

  73. Ice-cream!

  74. I love buying makeup there :)!!

  75. sun block and snacks :)

  76. Moisturizer

  77. sunscreen & treats

  78. moisturizer!

  79. pepsi and doritos

  80. ice cream!

  81. sunscreen

  82. Diet Pepsi and sunscreen!

  83. Sunscreen & snacks for camping! They have everything!

  84. We buy our sunscreen at Shoppers

  85. Sunscreen

  86. I love hair products and this year I have wiped the shelves of Beachy hair sprays and gels!

  87. Summer seasonal Candy/chocolate & makeup/skincare/nail polish

  88. sunscreen and water

  89. makeup wipes!

  90. I buy a lot of sunscreen and lip balm from shoppers in the summer

    – Amber

  91. Sunscreen and ice cream :)

  92. Makeup!

  93. lip glosses

  94. shoes

  95. shampoo!

  96. Sunscreen!

  97. I love my aloe cream for after a day in the sun, even after layers of sun screen a good shower and aloe makes my skin feel soft and alive.

  98. Makeup-lipbalms

  99. I need my allergy meds for sure! I love picking out nail polish for me pedicures too…
    via Rhonda W G.

  100. Sunscreen!

  101. I am entering your giveaway.
    It would be great to win a $50 Shoppers Drug Mart.
    In response to your question of
    What is your favourite thing to buy from Shoppers in the Summer?
    My favourite thing to buy in the summer is Sunscreen.
    Thank you for having this giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!

  102. sunscreen!

  103. sunscreen and diapers

  104. Burt’s Bees lotion to keep moisturized from the drying sun!

  105. I like to buy sunscreen, they also have those great “teen packs” in the late summer!

  106. L’Oreal sublime sunscreen for the face.

  107. Sunscreen for the kids and allergy medication for myself.

  108. Any of my needs.

  109. love to buy make up at Shoppers Drug Mart! :)


  110. I like to buy sunscreen in the summer.

  111. Candies!

  112. Lipstick!

  113. I like to buy sunscreen in the summer :)

  114. Sunscreen!

  115. Usually it’s ice cream, but this summer it was Benefit’s new eyeliner.

  116. Makeup

  117. makeup

  118. Neon Nail polish!

  119. Bright red lipstick

  120. Sunscreen

  121. Definitely sun screen!

  122. Different nail colors

  123. Moisturizer

  124. i love to pick up different body scrubs and foot lotions to do my own pedi on the deck

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