Only at Shoppers

Only at Shoppers

Only at Shoppers

Summer is just around the corner and Shoppers Drug Mart wants to give you expert advice with unique lifestyle content to have you ready for warmer weather. A new digital platform has just been launched, a first of its kind for the company. They’ve asked me to take part and help promote This Summer Only at Shoppers program, along with some other fabulous bloggers. It’s with great excitement that I finally get to share my two articles with you. I’m here to share my tips, tricks and emergency kit essentials on how to be the best bridesmaid this season, along with styling tips for short hair. I’ve taken several photos that couldn’t be included with the article, but to see the full content head on over to Shoppers website now.

This Summer Only at Shoppers you will not only find advice on how to live a healthier life, feel rejuvenated, look and feel beautiful and be more organized, but you’ll find quizzes, polls, videos, coupons and so much more. Come take a peek at this new digital platform, get involved and learn all about new and exciting products that are coming to you this summer.

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