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5-in-1 lip balm

I’ve talked about it before, the fact I totally play into unique designs and pretty packaging when it comes to beauty products. If it’s unique, exclusive, one of a kind, I need to try it. Being a fan of Softlips lib balms already, I was pretty excited to hear about the new release of Softlips CUBE. It’s a revolutionary 5-in-1 lip balm which helps to hydrate, replenish, smooth, protect and add shine. It combines shea butter, vitamins A, C and E to help hydrate, restore moisture and keep lips kissably soft all day.

Softlips CUBE comes packaged in a sleek, glass-like cube that blends 5 lip loving benefits into one sphere-like design. Its unique lip perfecting technology glides across the lips with ease, doesn’t pull or tug on the lips and doesn’t leave behind a waxy film. It helps to keep lips soft, smooth, hydrated and protected with a touch of shine. It comes in 2 new flavors, Berry Bliss and Vanilla Bean for $4.99 at Wal-Mart, Lawton and London Drugs.Softlips CUBE  (2)

Although EOS will always have a place in my heart, these Softlips CUBE are much more compact and don’t roll around in my purse and drawers like the EOS ones do. It fits perfectly in the palm of my hands and its screw-top, with click closure, assures me it won’t open up on its own. Its rich and creamy formula glides across my lips with ease and its smooth texture, thanks to its shea butter, feels extra moisturizing and not as dry as other balms. Just one swipe on the lips provides a sufficient amount of product to keep lips moisturized for several hours. It’s done an excellent job at healing my chapped lips and eliminating dry patches in only a few short days. Softlips CUBE  (3)Softlips CUBE in Vanilla Bean Softlips CUBE  (5) Softlips CUBE  (6)

Softlips CUBE in Berry BlissSoftlips CUBE  (8) Softlips CUBE  (9)
And the winner of the Softlips CUBE Giveaway is…… Victoria Ess. She will be receiving 2 Softlips CUBE lip moisturizers in Vanilla Bean and Berry Bliss, along with a Purse Mirror and a Wristlet, valued at $50.Softlips CUBE  (1)

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  1. Don’t really have a favorite scent but would love to try the berry bliss.

  2. I like anything berry, so I would choose the berry bliss.

  3. These look amazing! I totally agree that the cube makes more sense than the round style of EOS.

    • And vanilla would be my choice of scent

  4. I love all kinds of flavors I love trying new ones, Lip Smackers always have the most unusual flavors lol. I do love EOS’s Sweet Mint though and Nivea’s Kiss of Milk and Honey is one I always repurchase.

    Rafflecopter: Rosie Areola

  5. I love citrus and raspberry

  6. vanilla

  7. I love Vanilla!

    RAFFLECOPTER NAME is Anne Taylor

  8. Green apple!

  9. I like mostly fruit scents and vanilla, but coconut would have to be my number one favorite

  10. I love the scent of strawberry in a lip balm.

  11. Oh I love watermelon

  12. Vanilla is my favourite scent.

  13. My favourite scents are either vanilla or coconut.

  14. I like cherry!

  15. I’m sure I would love the vanilla bean!

  16. Vanilla is my favourite scent!

  17. Chocolate is my fave scent.

  18. for me, its something berry: cherry, strawberry, raspberry…anything like that is my favourite.

  19. I love vanilla and mint!

  20. mint is my favorite!


  21. Cherry

  22. Frosting. Lol.

  23. I like Cherry

  24. Mint, strawberry or vanilla!

  25. vanilla :)

  26. mint!

  27. Vanilla is definitely my favourite!

  28. chocolate!

  29. My fave is usually peach or abricot. :)

  30. Watermelon!

  31. I love a vanilla or coconut lip balm.

  32. mint

  33. Mint

  34. I love a classic vanilla

  35. Vanilla

  36. Watermelon!

  37. I really like honeydew.

  38. Vanilla

  39. Vanilla!

  40. Something minty

  41. Vanilla

  42. Mint

  43. Vanilla has always been my favorite

  44. vanilla!

  45. Vanilla!

  46. Vanilla

  47. I never tried this, but I want to. Looks super cute and compact! :)

  48. mint!

  49. Vanilla definitely!

  50. watermelon :)

  51. My favorite scent in lip balm would have to be Vanilla!! :)

  52. Vanilla bean, yum!

  53. Vanilla bean

  54. My favorite scent in a lip balm is berry! Strawberry or Raspberry are always good!

  55. I love raspberry!

  56. Mint!

  57. strawberry

  58. cherry

  59. Strawberry
    Florence C

  60. Mint is my favorite flavor

  61. I like Vanilla lip balms .

  62. strawberry is my fav

  63. strawberry

  64. Cherry

  65. I love berry-based scents :)

  66. Cherry, cotton candy & red velvet

  67. My favorite scent is raspberry

  68. my all time favourite is strawberry!

  69. grapefruit

  70. vanilla

  71. Anything fruity

  72. Mint

  73. Mint is my fave!

  74. Vanilla or watermellon

  75. Love the vanilla bean

  76. I love strawberry scent lip balm

  77. strawberry or melon

  78. Vanilla!

  79. love vanilla

  80. Im a fan of vanilla or coconut flavor/scent

  81. Coconut!

  82. mango

  83. I like strawberry

  84. Depending on the season, either fruity (raspberry or pomegranate) or something rich like coconut.

  85. Vanilla!

  86. I love cherry scent

  87. VAnilla!

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