Thomas Sabo Charm Club Charm Bracelet Giveaway

And the 2 winners of the Thomas Sabo Charm Club Bracelet Giveaway are….. Jenn Erin and Deborah Haentjens!

The Thomas Sabo brand stands for extraordinary design and versatility. The brand currently comprises of four different collections that can be combined with each other and offers the most diverse mix-and-max options of material, design and colours from around the world. All its jewellery is designed with the highest quality using only high-end materials such as 925 sterling silver, zirconia and stainless steel.

The hubby and I had fun baking this holiday season thanks to Thomas Sabo recipe book. It was filled with different Charm Club cookie recipes that included Lucy’s Butter Cookies, Lucy’s Chocolate Cookies and Lucy’s Cinnamon Stars. I was provided with a chic black and white apron for when things got a little messy, and if you know me at all, I’m not great in the kitchen, okay I’m awful, but the romantic hearts, Christmas stars and fashionable high heel cookie cutters couldn’t keep me away.
Thomas Sabo  (2)

Although I don’t own a Thomas Sabo Charm Club Charm bracelet…… yet, and I’m dying to keep these, I going to host a giveaway where two lucky followers could win one of these two bracelets valued at over $100 each.

Thomas Sabo Charm Club Charm pendant “skate with maple leaf” which is done in 925 sterling silver and red-enamel and doesn’t get more Canadian than this.
Thomas Sabo  (1)
Thomas Sabo Charm Club Charm pendant “sneaker with wings” which is also done in 925 sterling silver and red-enamel.
Thomas Sabo  (1)
All you have to do is enter using the rafflecopter form below and tell me if you could design your own charm club charm, what would it be?

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  1. oh maybe a butterfly…my doggie is a papillon which makes him a butterfly dog, so I’ve grown quite attached to butterflies.

  2. With the Olympics coming up I would probably design one with a winter sport in mind like skis.

  3. I think I would do a star fish or palm tree!! Love to go to resorts!

  4. It would be one of my dog (Cavalier).

  5. It would probably be something fashionable like high heels!

  6. I would love a heart charm. Simple yet sweet

  7. If I could design a charm it would be a Boston terrier.

  8. Probably a baseball or a tube of lipstick!

  9. My cat! I love him!

  10. I would design one around love and life! :)

  11. I would design one for my puppy!

  12. A manta ray! It’s my dream to dive with the rays! :)

  13. I would like to have one something similar to a mothers ring, with the birthstones of my children on one dangly charm

  14. Hmm, u think I would choose a boxer as my charm since my boxer boys are my life and love :)

  15. Maybe a lucky gnome cause I love gnomes!

  16. A cat lying across a laptop keyboard…totally reflect my life!

  17. Mine would have to be a Jack Russel with a ball in his mouth :)

  18. I would love one designed of my dog!!

  19. One of my dog with bug ears

  20. One of my dog with big ears

  21. one that symbolizes my 5 kids.

  22. I would design a kitty :)

  23. I’d design a high heeled pump as I love shoes.

  24. Cat, Dogs , Flowers , Cupcakes

  25. A coffee cup! I am just not myself without coffee!

  26. Hello. I would make my Club – Wild and Free – charm would have Wings and dragonflies

  27. a tree with wings for that saying “roots and wings”, my mom says it all the time, to know where our roots are (home) and to fly and explore with our wings :)

  28. It would have to pick my dog

  29. Would be a starfish because it’s elegant, beautiful, and star means dream to me

  30. Probably a cute bag charm!

  31. A star would be nice!

  32. an owl! and a book!

  33. A peace sign. :)

  34. A puppy

  35. I would have a charm that is a starfish with diamonds

  36. I would design one of my doggy.

  37. Would love a dove or a tree that represents family to me

  38. I would design a butterfly

  39. A lucky charm

  40. a heart

  41. a high heel shoe in pink

  42. my puppy

  43. My teenage grand daughter loves soccer so it would have to be a soccer ball for her.

  44. I would like the Chinese character for Love.

  45. I would like to do animals and set up a charity percentage of sales

  46. one with bicycles, bells, baskets, famous bicycle cities, etc

  47. maybe a purse or a shoe for my wife?

  48. A stand mixer or retro egg beater!

  49. I would choose something to represent/support down syndrome! :)

  50. my family names

  51. i would do a picture of my kid

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