Avon Nail Enamel Metallic Effects and Stardust Review

Chrome and 3-D Finish

Avon is always on the cutting edge with nail polish and this season, the brand has released 2 new Avon Nail Enamel Metallic Effects and Stardust. I’ve always been a fan of Avon polishes, they provide true colour, are easy to apply, dry fairly quickly and come at an excellent price point (which just means u can buy more shades). Avon Metallic Effects gives a foil like finish to the nails, whereas Avon Stardust gives a 3-D glittery effect to the nails. A little something for everyone, in 10 fun new shades, for only $6.99.

Avon Metallic Effects Nail Enamel has a rich and creamy formula with a metallic/ chrome finish. It’s extremely pigmented, only one coat is needed to have true opaque colour and full coverage. The texture and unique brush makes application process a breeze, covers the entire nail in 2 easy swipes. The metallic sheen can be a touch streaky, nothing a second coat won’t fix. Because of the duo chrome effect, it only lasts a few days before chipping. It dries within minutes and the super shiny, mirror like finish requires no top coat. Its 5 fabulous foil-look shades are Jade Reflection, Platinum Petal, Copper Gleam, Icy Purple and Gold Leaf. Avon Metallic Effects, Nail Enamel, Avon, Metallic, metallic finish, chrome finish, nail polish, jade polish, purple nail polish, copper, avon nail polish Avon, Metallic Effects Nail Enamel, Jade Reflection, Platinum Petal, Copper Gleam, Icy Purple, Gold Leaf, beauty blogger, nail polish swatch, canadian blog

Avon Metallic Effects Nail Enamel in Jade Reflection, Icy Pruple and Gold Leaf

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Avon Stardust Nail Enamel has a pebble like finish, much like OPI liquid sand, and helps create a sparkly 3-D effect to the nails. It has a thicker formula than most polish, but is still easy to apply. It’s super easy to apply, is truly opaque in 1 coat and dries within minutes. Best part, to get full texturized effect, there’s no need for a top coat, saving you an extra step and time. It features different size glitter and sparkle for a unique texturized, shimmery finish. It wears for a solid 5 days before chipping and is surprisingly fairly easy to remove with a good nail polish remover, considering the amount of sparkle in them. Its 5 glittering shades are Cherry Dazzle, Crystallized Pink, Jewel Blue, Silver Crystals and Black Sequins. Avon Stardust, Nail Enamel, nail polish, polish, OPI liquid sand, opi, black nail polish, glitter nail polish, beauty bloggers, nail polish blog Avon, Stardust Nail Enamel, Cherry Dazzle, Crystallized Pink, Jewel Blue, Silver Crystals,  Black Sequins, 3-d nails, shimmery nails, nail art, polish swatches

Avon Stardust Nail Enamel in Black Sequins, Crystallized Pnk and Jewel Blueavon nail polish, junky nail polishes, pretty in pink polish, nail art, glitter polish, blue nails, 3-d art, designs, beauty bloggers, nail polish bloggers

Also released this September is Avon Limited Edition Nail Art Design Strips that provide salon style with no dry time, at home. These are like all the other nail strips out there, just peel, place and perfect. It couldn’t be anymore easier to apply and it’s just as easy to remove. It comes in 2 new designs, Birds of a Feather and Newsy Newsy for $12. Each kit contains 18 nail strips. Avon Nail, Art Design Strips, nail strips, nail art, avon polish, salon quality at home, quick and easy, nail blogger, canadian makeup blog, peacocks, fun nail designs Avon Nail Art Design Strips  (2) Avon Nail Art Design Strips  (3)

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