Estée Lauder Micro Essence Skin Activating Treatment Review

Estée Lauder Micro Essence Skin Activating Treatment Review

Angelic glow from within

Estée Lauder Micro Essence Skin Activating Treatment Lotion has been a number one seller in Asia for the past few years and is slowly making its way into North America. It’s the first of its kind that helps strengthen skin’s foundation with micro power to reveal a translucent, angelic glow from within. It’s infused with the power of the exclusive Micro Nutrient Bio-Ferment to help leave skin stronger and more resistant to signs of aging. This is not a toner, it’s a treatment lotion that targets specific skin concerns. It helps to hydrate, calm and repair the skin’s barrier and preps it for treatments to follow.

Estée Lauder Micro Essence Skin Activating Treatment comes in a very chic, classy and luxurious frosted translucent glass bottle with gold cap. It has a light watery, very liquidy consistency that’s applied to cleanse skin before you moisturizer or apply serum. It can be used by either saturating a cotton pad and apply all over your face or by pouring a few drops into the palm of your hand and patting it onto the skin. It instantly absorbs into the skin and penetrates deep down within the skin’s surface to help renew and rebalance.Estée Lauder, Micro Essence, Skin Activating Treatment, Canadian Beauty Bloggers, Canadian Beauty Blog, Canadian Beauty Blogger, Fashionista, look of the day, skin care, health, skincare, FOTD

I’ve been using Estée Lauder Micro Essence Skin Activating Treatment daily for the past month, by apply it directly to my hands. I find I use less product this way and can control the liquid more easily. The formula is quite lightweight, just like water, except it penetrates into my skin fairly quickly. After only a few short days, I could dramatically see the overall improvement in my skin’s hydration level. It instantly emanated a translucent glow and left my skin smooth and silky to the touch. As an added bonus it also appears to boost the efficiency of my daily lotion and serum. It seems to absorb the products 10 times quicker. Estée Lauder Micro Essence, Skin Activating Treatment, Review, Swatch, Swatches, Makeup Reviews, Cosmetics Swatches, Tester, Test, Blogger Review

After a few short weeks it gives me an extra boost of hydration even before I apply my moisturizer. It gives my skin a healthy glow and even helps to even out my complexion. It helps to calm and soothe the skin, which in returns reduces the redness around my nose. I’ve also had fewer breakouts and my skin has never felt so soft, supple and smooth. My skin is now even-toned, stays perfectly hydrated through the day, without feeling oily, and seemed a lot calmer than usual. The dry areas around my eyes are nearly gone and the outer corners seem firmer with visibly less lines. It really does give an overall brightness to the appearance of my skin with a refined texture. It retails for $110 for 150ml found at select Hudson’s Bay, Sears, Holts, Sephora and Estée Lauder counters across Canada.Estée Lauder Micro Essence Skin Activating, Blogger, Makeup Crimes, Spring Makeup looks, Latest cosmetics trends, makeup tips, Toronto Blog, How to apply, makeup trends, crimes of beauty, beauty blog



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