Break Up And Move

How to Break-Up With Your Closet 

Although I don’t necessarily make New Year’s resolutions, I’m always trying to improve myself. This year, I’m breaking up with negative things and bad habits that interrupt my life and prevent me from accomplishing my goals. What I was passionate about last year might not be what’s going to better serve me this year. It’s all about balance and learning to let go, without feeling like a failure. To do things that no longer make me happy, while finding the courage to do what’s best for me. This year, I will respect myself enough to walk away from the things that no longer bring me joy, make me a better person or help me grow. I will surround myself with people that live the way I want to live, as bad habits and negativity not only jeopardize both my mental and physical health, but also are a waste of time and energy.

My number one question I get from my readers is how I keep my closet and clothes so organized. I have to admit, it’s a never ending battle. I know I have a shopping addiction and it’s something I’m consistently working on. As much as I like to think I have some order in my beauty room, I don’t. I still hold on to those “special” articles of clothing that have sentimental feelings associated with them or keep pieces I know I’ll never wear again. The daunting task of letting these items go can be extremely difficult, and much like a “break-up”, I’m often left wondering if I made the right decision. 

Although I “clean” out my closet a few times a year, I know I’m not purging enough stuff, which is why I’ve come up with some guidelines to help me through the process. First up, when was the last time I wore this? If it’s over a year, I toss/donate it, with no exceptions. Will I ever really wear this again? This is something that has to be answered truthfully and honestly. We all have that dress we bought for a fancy wedding or special event that, although we’ve only wore once, we know we’re never going to wear again. This leads me to the third question, do I actually have somewhere to wear it? If I can’t immediately think of somewhere I’d wear it to, I toss/donate it. And finally, do I have something that goes with this, without having to buy another piece of clothing to match it with? If I can’t think of at least 3 other combinations that I can pair with it, it’s a good time to break-up with it.

Everyone has a bit of a hoarder in them when it comes to their closet, but there’s no time like the present to break-up and move on with articles of clothing you know you’re never going to wear again. Also, it’s been said that the best way to break up with a bad habit is to replace it with a positive behaviour. When my closet is organized and clean, and I’ve donated and trashed items of clothing I know I’ll never wear again, I reward myself with a new piece of clothing. 

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