May 15th 2014- No More Headaches

May 15th 2014- No More Headaches

May 15th 2014- No More Headaches

Today marks our last full day in Edmonton. I really can’t believe how fast 3 weeks went. I wish we had a little more time, I didn’t get to see everyone I wanted to. The city is truly beautiful and I can’t wait to return. I’m happy to report that I didn’t get one headache the entire time we were there, which has me thinking… it might be time for me to move out of Ontario. No more headaches for the rest of my life, I can live with that. I suffer from headaches on the daily and get at least one migraine a month; have since the age of 12. I’ve tried every treatment on the market, every pill, changed diet, got more sleep, etc and nothing has seemed to work. I was blown away that I didn’t get at least one while I was there. Maybe it has something to do with the higher elevation, maybe it’s not as polluted as Ontario, whatever the case may be I loved it!

Top- Smart Set
Necklace- c/o Jewlz from Linever
Blazer- H&M
Bracelet- Smart Set
Watch- Michael Kors
Purse- Smart Set

Pants- American Eagle
Pumps- Le Chateau
Edmonton (1) Edmonton (8) Edmonton (3) Edmonton (7) Edmonton (2) Edmonton (9) Edmonton (5) Edmonton (6)


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