As I stood in my closet trying to decide what I was going to wear on this beautiful afternoon, I found my Henkaa dress that I got back in January. The company empowers women of all shapes and sizes to do more with less, reuse and repurpose and inspire and grow together. One simple dress can be styled more than 40 different ways, giving you endless opportunities. It can easily take you from day to night, office to cocktail hour, a Birthday party to a wedding. Since it adjusts to any weight you may gain or lose, it’s the perfect dress to celebrate in (cause we all know we go a little crazy at the buffet). Its convertible, comes in 3 different lengths, several different colours and can be worn multiple ways. Get creative as you like or follow easy instructions on how to style it as a halter, one shoulder, strapless or even a skirt. This high quality, Canadian made, investment piece, is something you’ll have in your closet for years to come, at a price we can all afford. Prices range from $98 to $169 depending on the length.

Dress- c/o
Sunnies- c/o Oakley
Necklace- c/o Cocoa Jewelry
Bracelet- Jewlz from Linever

Shoes- Town Shoes
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