Stationery Obsessed

Stationery Obsessed

Stationery Obsessed

Nunuco Design Co.

I’m switching things up and sharing something totally different than I normally talk about on this fashion blog, today I share my love for all things stationery.  No matter how many fancy notebooks I have, how many cute pens or pencils I currently have in my collection, I’m always on the hunt for more. Is anyone else stationery obsessed? One might say I’m a stationery hoarder, but there’s truth behind my stockpiling madness. Since I’m constantly writing ideas down for the blog, I can justify having a large collection. Plus, a flatlay wouldn’t be complete without a cute notepad or two. Even though we live in an era of technology, where it’s super easy to just plug info into our phones or computer, there’s something gratifying about putting pen to paper. Call me old school, but I still write everything down in a notebook before I up-load to my computer.
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My recent trip to the States leaves me missing the dollar stop at Target. They always had the cutest collection of stationery supplies that I just couldn’t help bring home with me. I was recently introduced to Nunuco Design Co., an online stationery shop with the most gorgeous collection of agendas, notebooks, greeting cards and phone cases that I’ve ever seen. The entire lineup is designed by Kristiina Kurkikangas and full of adorable designs, watercolour prints, in pale pastel shades. A stationery obsessed girl’s dream come true.
Nunuco Design Co (9) Nunuco Design Co (6) Nunuco Design Co (7) Nunuco Design Co (8)
What you see above is  Nunuco Design Co.  Flamingo, Pingu and Suukot Greeting Cards, Confetti Pocket Notepad and Marmori Nootbook 


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