Vogue Throwing Shade

After having a conversation with a girlfriend about some of the Vogue editors ruffling a few feathers last month and throwing shade at the entire blogging community, I knew I had to talk about it on this fashion blog. Although the comments weren’t necessarily pointed directly at me, I’d be lying if I said it didn’t affect me. Some controversial words were tossed around by some of the Vogue team’s members as they talked about Milan Fashion Week. “There’s not much I can add here beyond how funny it is that we even still call them “bloggers,” as so few of them even do that anymore. Rather than a celebration of any actual style, it seems to be all about turning up, looking ridiculous, posing, twitching in your seat as you check your social media feeds, fleeing, changing, repeating . . . It’s all pretty embarrassing—even more so when you consider what else is going on in the world.”

I’m not going to lie, in some ways I’d have to agree with them… shocking, I know. Some bloggers don’t actually go to the shows to support the designers, they go in hopes of being photographed in a fancy outfit (that’s usually on loan) so they can get more exposure for themselves. That being said, the bloggers I love and support are some of the hardest working women I know. People are afraid of change and bloggers are definitely changing the way of traditional media. Just ask yourself this, when was the last time you actually picked up the latest edition of your favourite magazine? With everything going digital, bloggers are the new way. Its an easier way for business and brand to get their name out there, and us bloggers work our butts off to keep up with the evolving industry. I really think there’s enough space on the net for us, and maybe I’m naïve for thinking this but…… can’t we all just get along?

What I Wore- Dress- BooHoo, Purse- Chinese Laundry, Watch- Bulova, Sunglasses- c/o Polette,  Moto Jacket- Danier, Booties- c/o Avon
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  1. great dress, love it with the moto and booties

  2. Agreed. Traditional press is dying, if the big mags want to stay on top they’ll have to adjust…and fast. And most of them are not…No wonder they’re throwing shade.

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