January 2nd, 2014 -30 with the wind chill

-30 with the wind chill, wind speeds at 40km and the fact the sun didn’t even come out today, calls for picture taking indoors. The hubby and I went outside to take pictures today, it was so dark out, you couldn’t even see my face, the fact that I was pretty much frozen within 2 minutes didn’t help the matter, I got cranky, hubby was complaining, so we took it inside. I think the pictures turn out okay for having no daylight and the fact that they are taken inside, what do we think?

I hope everyone is staying warm, hopefully inside by the fire sipping on some hot coco? I heard the weather is only going to get colder as we move into the weekend, you might not be seeing me for a few days, you know I hate taking pictures outside in the cold… hope you understand? These pictures are taken inside my beauty room/ walk-in closet which I just did a post on, found here.

Shirt- Smart Set- $35- March 2011
Blazer- RW & Co. – $88- Oct 2010
Necklace – c/o Very Valero
Bracelet- Aldo (set of 2)- $15- July 2013
Capri- Smart Set- $45- May 2013
Boots- 9WLoves InStyle Exclusive Comete- $220- Gift from hubby

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  1. Lovely pictures. Heading back to Toronto tomorrow, worried what the weather will be like! :(

    • I have a feeling we have a few more months of freezing cold weather, I think we all need to move down south hehe

  2. Weather is been crappy here in Toronto, so hard to do photos outside.
    I am loving your blog.
    Would love if you visit mine. Let me know what you think.
    Take care

    • Thanks for the support sweetie, you now have a new fan, loving your blog! Looking forward to chatting some more

  3. Love your closet!!!

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