Life Hacks with Carefree

Life Hacks with Carefree

Life Hacks with Carefree


Last month I shared with you a few of my favourite life hacks with Carefree liners and encouraged you to share your alternate uses for these liners on Twitter. I had fun reading all your comments, you ladies got totally creative and inspired me to find other ways to use my liners. Who knew there were so many uses for them? I received a ton of tips and tricks over these past 30 days and I wanted to share some of my fave with you. I also did a random draw where 6 lucky readers (@ReadyOwl, @c_gbrdo, @Zac_maniac, @auroramom1, @victoriatimmin2 and ‏@tobyhir) will win a Carefree Everyday Kit featuring a purse-size pouch filled with Carefree liners and other must-have items to avoid any style or beauty mishaps on the go.

@ReadyOwl They make great under arm sweat protectors, stick right to your shirt! @c_gbrdo Use as cut up liner to line a backless shirt when you want to go braless

@Zac_maniac I use liners at the bottom of my makeup bag to absorb any spills!

@auroramom1 Works great as a breast pad when you are breast-feeding!

@victoriatimmin2 Place/stick the pads inside you shirt, dress ect. at the armpit to keep sweat stains at bay

@JemsW16 I use them to remove nail polish ‏

@Zac_maniac I use liners to remove nail polish! It really works! ‏

@tobyhir Perfect for quick touch ups for odd pet hair and such when a lint brush/tape aren’t available!

@nomnombearinyvr You can use them as coasters

@spazss I have used the liners as a dressing for a wound!

@JemsW16 I use a pantyliner to pull away all those pesky lint balls off my clothes!

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“Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Carefree, but all opinions on this blog are my own. I also want to thank you for supporting the brands that support my blog.”




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